For the Kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of POWER.

Booking Paul

I might not 'shout' as a preacher, and I certainly don't push people over. But - if you tied my hands behind my back, I'm not sure I could preach.... :)

I might not ‘shout’ as a preacher, and I certainly don’t push people over. But – if you tied my hands behind my back, I’m not sure I could preach…. 🙂

Paul is available to:

  • Preach in churches, and be involved in healing meetings /crusades/evangelism
  • Teach
  • Speak at Bible Schools / Colleges
  • Church weekends / holidays

You can book him by:

Connecting up and saying “hi”!  Check out the contact page to see how.

Paul would love to come and share about the work God is doing around the world. As has been mentioned elsewhere on the website, he looks to ‘first world’ invitations to help in financing the many non-remunerative and costly visits to third and developing world nations. There is no hard and fast booking ‘fee’ but we would ask you to prayerfully and realistically consider that preaching in the ‘first world’ is one of Paul’s main sources of ‘income’!

If you want to ‘book’ him in the U.K. please consider the following guidelines: the Automobile Association and the Inland Revenue recommend that 40-45 pence per mile is a reasonable rate for mileage costs. Please bear in mind when considering a gift that travelling time and preparation time consume a good number of hours! Often, a weekend at a church is made up of sufficient hours for a normal working week, when travel and preparation are taken into account.

Outside of the U.K. (except USA): please contact Paul by email to discuss travel costs.


Paul is fairly ‘low maintenance’ when it comes to requirements – because of most of the places he preaches, there are no video projectors and such, he tends not to use them!


If you are putting me up, that’s very kind of you. He doesn’t do room sharing, as sleep can often be a problem for itinerant preachers, and other people snoring doesn’t facilitate either getting to sleep, or staying asleep! It is also helpful, especially after a meeting, just to have somewhere to ‘crash’. If you want to go as far as ‘diet’, Paul is pretty much averse to all things fish, and would prefer not to look dog, cat, or snake in the eye on his plate – nor marmite!

Travel Expenses

Paul’s preference, in the U.K, is to travel by car, so mileage at the standard rate would be greatly appreciated! When putting this page together (December 2013), 43 p a mile is the going rate advised by HMRC, when petrol is at 129.9 a gallon. Don’t forget that, in booking Paul, that he lives in Northern Ireland, so to book him for a one off – unless he, or you, can find one or two other places to speak at, it involves an airfare


If Paul is speaking over a weekend, or a week, he’d prefer to do two sessions each day out of morning, afternoon, and evening. If you’ve been to Paul’s meetings, you’ll know that, with the volume of people normally to pray for, gaps between meetings frequently totally disappear! And he reckons, at 60 years old, that’s about his limit these days!


Paul loves meeting people, and even in a ‘meeting context’ wants to ‘engage’ (where it’s feasibly and numerically possible) with the people he prays for (Paul is not one for just walking along a line, tapping people on their head (or worse!), shouting ‘be healed’ and pushing them over!). Paul is always happy to answer questions, but sometimes he just needs to hide…


Paul will try to fit in with what you want/need, but he’s learned the hard way, occasionally, that trying to speak on something you know nothing about, and doesn’t entirely interest you, it’s pretty pointless! Paul’s passion, of course, is healing and miracles: he’s happy to preach, do seminars, workshops, answer questions (if he can!) on the subject, and related subjects like faith.

Some of the above obviously fit into a weekend context, not a Sunday morning 20 minutes+!

Over many years, he has done week-long seminars on subjects such as ‘Goals, Dreams, & Visions’, Faith, The Fear of the Lord, and many more. Ask if what you want is in his repertoire!


Paul has NEVER been worried about numbers (he once took 3 people plus himself to Mexico to discover that they were speaking to 3 people for a week!). He doesn’t mind mind how few or how many are there, he can bore(whoops!) speak to crowds from 2 to 20,000!


Paul has never wanted to ‘charge’ – but the reality is that travelling as a preacher and teacher is his job.

Paul KNOWS God has called him to do what he does, and he does have some regular supporters (about 20% of what he needs: it was a good deal higher before the recessions!), and that God is the provider. There is always a dichotomy though, between ‘sharing your needs one with another’ and solely praying for God’s provision (people like George Muller were called specifically to that): some people say ‘how do we know if you don’t tell us?’ and others ‘so you’re not trusting God any more?’ so it’s a lose-lose situation! Some people ask for guidelines, and, as friend Nick Page, says: ‘Transparency is a good thing – unless related to clothing, swimwear especially!

The reality is that Paul has to live in the same western world that all western worlders live in(!), with the same costs, bills, needs that everyone has. Paul would never want, though, that someone felt they couldn’t afford to have him: like has been said, he can be very low maintenance. Please give realistically if you can, and if you can be overly generous, please don’t be afraid of being so!!