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2 thoughts on “IT’S OVER!!!!!

  1. Hi Paul – wish I could have been there – and off to see Benny next? I’ve never had a problem going through Colombian customs – in Cali I always take an internal flight to Bogota and there they don’t seem that interested when your luggage is already in transit.

    I hope to be able to come with you to Cali soon, but before that Vancouver beckons…

    Take care mate


  2. Yup…. wish you’d been there in Cali – loads of people asked after you. It’s always ‘interesting’ to see who they DON’T ask about…! It was quite an amazing 11 days, bearing in mind I really went just to accompany Alan & Barbara, I think she just felt it was an extra level of ‘security’ as she’d never been before. She loved it, and they’ve already talked with Wilmar (who sends his love to you) about going back again – soon – so she can spend a week or 10 days at their kids foundation: kids are her passion…..

    I’ve not had any hassle exiting for some years, the bag searches just as you board (main luggage, not hand luggage!) are a pain in the gulags, but it was just this police ‘control’ thing this time: mostly, it’s that I hate being out of possession of my passport to someone, whether in uniform or not!

    So, Vancouver’s definite???!!! Yeah!!! When do you/have you resigned? And is next April to soon after moving to go to Cali? If you’re not teaching, it doesn’t have to be be rigidly over Easter, eh? I’ve been asked to do 3 days in ‘Holy Week’ at a church on the edge of Belfast, but I’ve put it on hold until I knew what your plans were. If you were still teaching in the UK, I’d say no, so we can go to Cali, but if if you’re not….When do you hope to move, mate? I’d love to come and see you there!

    Bless you, my lovely mate, lots of love to you and Abi, and the kids, now I’ve sort of met them 😉 – you’re at the top of my list for the first trip to Cali next year, anyway….let me know if it’s a go-er!


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